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Product Code : 810081911504


Mfg Item #: NSGNYX15M5G9DH2

The BNVD-51 Night Vision binocular is exclusively available with Ghost White Phosphor Image Intensifier Tubes. Comes equipped with a built-in infrared illuminator. The BNVD-51 allows you to navigate low-light areas and even read in complete darkness. This true dual-channel night vision goggle is available in an expansive 51-degree field of view version. Armasight night vision products are encased in a tough yet compact housing that is both fog and water-resistant. Additional mounting options, sold separately allow you to use the BNVD-51 as helmet-mounted night vision goggles, adding the ability to quickly and easily move them out of the way in an instant. The BNVD articulates, allowing for it to be configured for use as a monocular over either eye, preserving your biological night vision in one eye if desired. The manual gain control lets you adjust the brightness level to your personal preference, and if the ambient light level exceeds the limits of the BNVD, the automatic protective system will shut off the Image Intensifier Tubes to prevent damage while observing under changing light conditions.

SeriesGen 3
Weight1.40 lbs
Battery Life12-20 Hours

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